ITC: The best level of healthcare for cancer patients is in Tijuana

ITC: The best level of healthcare for cancer patients is in Tijuana
ITC: The best level of healthcare for cancer patients is in Tijuana

The level of medical care in Tijuana has made thousands of people who visit the city for health services return, even in times of pandemic.
According to Ivette Casillas Rivera, director of Health Tourism in Baja California, in the first half of 2021 medical tourism was the trigger for the state's tourism recovery. Although the increase has been gradual, it managed to position the state as the first in Mexico to attract foreign visitors interested in medical care in times of pandemic.
He explained that 52% of Baja California's medical tourism comes to Tijuana, due to its proximity to the United States, where eight out of every 10 travelers come from, although it also attracts attention for having accessible routes and for having endorsed medical companies.
An example of the latter is Immunity Therapy Center (ITC), located at Padre Kino Boulevard #10133 in Zona Rio Tijuana 22320, which specializes in treating people diagnosed with cancer, through services that respond to the circumstances of each patient.

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Some of the people who have been treated here have expressed that the staff, the serene environment and the state-of-the-art treatment equipment make their stay safer and more comfortable.

Another aspect that stands out is that this center has its own kitchen and chefs ready to care for and provide good food to those who are receiving treatment, as the health and degree of illness among each one of them is different, requiring more attention.

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At the same time, this center offers a personalized and unique treatment by each of the doctors who work here, who are also friendly and continuously support and motivate their visitors.

Fouad Youssef, who after discovering in 2016 that he had a thumb knuckle-sized lymphoma under his arm and after coming to ITC for medical care, shared:
"ITC offers a wide variety of therapies and none of them are painful at all. My quality of life was not affected during my ITC experience [unlike chemotherapy] and my lymphoma was drastically reduced."
To learn more about medical tourism in Tijuana and the services you can find here, log on to or dial 619-333-6066.