Evaluna Montaner is Ready to "Spill the Cafecito " With Her New Podcast

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Evaluna Montaner is Ready to "Spill the Cafecito " With Her New Podcast

Venezuelan singer, actress, wife and expecting mother, Evaluna Montaner is getting ready to spill all the tea on her latest project with Amazon Music. The Club 57 actress is taking over the En La Sala podcast for its upcoming season.

Previously hosted by singer and actress Becky G, the show is set to return with an all star lineup of incredible Latinx personalities including Camilo Echeverry, Leslie Grace and Sebastián Yatra, among others.

Montaner shared in a press release, "I'm so excited to invite listeners into my living room every week, for a look into what's important to me. There is a lack of Latinx representation in many fields and sectors today, so I hope that these conversations would make a difference." She continued, "Hosting this podcast is a wonderful platform to have these honest conversations with people I love and respect who are representative of the broad and rich culture of our Latinx community."

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En La Sala was created with the goal of amplifying Latinx voices in a way that was meaningful and relevant. Guests engage in deep discussions about their lives as well as issues that impact the Latinx community as a whole.

"This season step into my living room to talk about all the real things happening in my life," Montaner said in the show's trailer. "I'll be joined by family, friends and people who stand to make a change at a time where action is needed. But don't worry, if we're going to get deep, we're still going to bring the chisme."

Among her many guests, Montaner will be sharing the En La Sala couch with her husband and Colmbian singer Echeverry. The show's trailer teases how they will dive into the story of how they met as well as their latest adventure together as soon-to-be parents to their first child, Índigo. In the trailer, Echeverry jokingly says, "I have a friend with whom I'm having a baby, and her name is Evaluna."

Becky G set the tone for the show during her season by hosting candid and honest conversations with guests like Vice President Kamala Harris, Lauren Jauregui, and J Balvin. As Montaner takes over, she hopes that she will bring a fresh perspective to important topics that matter not only to her but Latina women everywhere.

"Get ready, because we're about to spill the cafecito," Montaner said.

En La Sala premieres December 1 on Amazon Music.

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