NASA shows new image of cyclonic region in southern Jupiter

Mexico, Sep. 14 (Notimex).- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has released a new photograph of the cyclone region known as "brown barge" in the southern Equatorial Belt of Jupiter.

In the snapshot taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft, this area is observed as a long, brown oval, usually found within the dark equatorial belt north of Jupiter.

These types of phenomena, according to NASA, are often difficult to identify visually, because their color mixes with the dark environment.

However, at other times, as in this image, the dark belt material recedes to create a lighter colored background against which the brown barge is more striking.

The US space agency explained that brown barges usually dissipate after the entire cloud belt is disrupted and reorganized.

The image was captured by Juno on September 6, while the spacecraft made its fifteenth close flight to Jupiter, in it, offers the first detailed data of the structure within that barge.