Nanotechnology, a discipline present in multiple products and services

Mexico, Nov. 7 (Notimex).- Nanotechnology is today an indispensable discipline and present in multiple products and services, which is why its boost in universities and institutes is key, said the vice-rector in research at the Universidad Panamericana (UP, for its acronym in Spanish), Campus Aguascalientes, Ramiro Velázquez.

By participating in the inauguration of the Fourth International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Instrumentation and Measurements, he stressed that despite being a relatively new science, nanotechnology covers various branches of industry, technology and medicine.

The nanocomponents allow to increase the capacities of electronic devices, and extend their application in the manufacture and development of efficient technology, which impacts on the health and quality of life of the population.

In the meeting held at the Auditorium of the UP, Campus Mexico City, he warned that it should not be doubted that nanotechnology will have more and more applications in medicine, electronics, mechanics and electrical technology, hence the importance of sharing all the knowledge obtained in this matter to ensure efficient development.

In this sense, the researcher of the Faculty of Engineering of the UP, Roberto González, highlighted the importance that nanotechnology has taken on in the different disciplines of research and development such as mechatronics and engineering.

In the framework of the 40th anniversary of the Universidad Panamericana, he recalled that over the past 20 years, it is necessary to deepen this knowledge, since engineering specialization careers that began in the 90s evolved from the new needs that have arisen in the world.

Proof of this is the emergence of specialties such as Mechatronics, which combines electronics and mechanics, and more recently, specialties in digital animation and videogames and innovation and engineering.

The concept of nanotechnology has been approached in different disciplines, under the idea of ​​modifying the basic blocks of structures in engineering, bioscience, medicine, genetics, and many others, which today are interconnected under this science.

He considered that for this reason, the celebration of events such as this symposium, focused on measurements and instrumentation, help to raise higher awareness of the need to work on more efficient products and design different options that represent better services.

The researcher Hiram Ponce stressed the importance of technology to achieve important advances in engineering, electronics, medicine, chemistry, and even in robotics and biology, which has resulted in improvements for life.

He clarified that nanotechnology is not alone, since it requires interdisciplinary technologies for its development, and in that sense, the congress inaugurated in the UP is a sample of it, since it has the participation of academics from Germany, Italy and India.

In addition, work was received from Chile, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Cuba and the United States, so he highlighted the role of an institution such as the Pan-American University receiving all these talents to address a future issue that already is present.