Mexico to experience a cryptocurrency boom at the end of the year

Mexico, Sep 11 (Notimex).- Mexico will experience a cryptocurrency boom at the end of the year, due to the impetus given by the Fintech Law, which came into force on the eve with the publication of the first section of the secondary provisions, said Amir Manzur, founding partner of Cubobit, the first Exchange of Cryptocurrency with Advanced Trade in the country.

For the entrepreneur, Mexico is prepared for cryptocurrencies, so he expressed his optimism regarding the impact that the publication of the secondary regulation of the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions (Fintech Law) will have on the sector.

This, he said, will translate into greater confidence of people to use the services of the Fintech sector, in addition to the fact that Banco de México launched a public consultation where the possibility of cryptocurrencies being accepted as a method of payment is not ruled out.

The new Blockchain technology gave way to create digital money and consequently, achieved much fame for its reliability and security.

New investors bet for Bitcoin and therefore its price rose in December 2017, however, so far this year adds a depreciation that according to Cubobit is not to worry, because on the contrary, it is a great moment to invest.

"Interestingly, people tend to buy cryptocurrencies when prices are higher, this must change," he said.

Losses come when someone decides to sell and does not wait for their assets to rise in value. Bitcoin was worth 800 dollars at the beginning of 2017, now it is worth around seven thousand dollars, it is necessary to foresee the historical value, considered Manzur.

He said that as with the markets ocurrs, "at the end of the year they experience an upward trend and the enthusiasts of trading and the crypto-markets make investments in Bitcoins or another currency, therefore they can generate good profits".

Cubobit operates through a web page that works for all devices and allows the exchange of assets nationally and internationally, since it has contact with exchanges from other parts of the world, so buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies are in constant contact.

By the cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC, users can do instant operations through an account and sell in Mexican pesos: Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum or Litecoin.