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Mascotas peculiares

Photo © 2012 Caters News/The Grosby Group - Aug 10, 2012 - A pet owner who bought a lizard measuring just a few inches is now sharing his house with a five-foot-long Godzilla - which likes to cuddle up on the sofa. Fluffy the monitor lizard weighs a whopping five stone and has a vicious set of claws and whipping tale he uses for defence. But remarkably he also enjoys running to gate when owner David Robson shouts walkies and loves playing with the Robson family Alsatian called Mishka. David, 18, bought fluffy from a pet store five years ago before legislation came in banning them from being pets. (PICTURED Fluffy the giant monitor and his owner David Robson, from Bridlington) (CAF)

Las mascotas más exóticas

Mientras algunos dueños aman a los perros y gatos y los consideran parte de la familia, otros prefieren la compañía de animales mucho más exóticos. Cerdos-jabalíes, tigres, serpientes y algunos otros que aquí les presentamos.