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This image provided by the California Milk Processor Board shows part of a new "Got Milk?" ad campaign. The California Milk Processor Board is encouraging men to buy more milk for their wives and girlfriends, which the campaign says will help them fend off the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. However, the statewide campaign launched this week entitled "Everything I Do Is Wrong" was drawing criticism online for ads saying men are the real PMS sufferers as their wives and girlfriends behave strangely every month. (AP Photo/California Milk Processor)

¿Toma leche? desata controversia

La Junta de Procesadores de Leche de California ha lanzado una campaña publicitaria dirigida a los hombres que "padecen" el síndrome premenstrual de sus parejas. Los anuncios han generado reacciones encontradas. ¡Juzque usted mismo!