Atlantic: As one system moves out, eyes on the next one

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Atlantic: As one system moves out, eyes on the next one

Newfoundland will see the back of the second system this week by Friday morning, just as the next system begins creeping into the Maritimes, though snow will be largely confined to New Brunswick. For this system, Newfoundland's turn comes Saturday, and beyond is yet another system that will affect the Atlantic region Sunday and Monday. For a more detailed breakdown, see below.

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  • Rain and snow ends Friday morning for Newfoundland
  • New system begins bringing snow to New Brunswick, rain elsewhere Friday
  • Stay up-to-date on the ALERTS in your area


Newfoundland felt the brunt of the latest system Thursday, and just as it departs the region Friday morning, the next one -- the third of the week -- will start impacting the Maritimes with snow and rain.

This Colorado low will have a northerly track, which keeps the cold air and heavier snow along and north of the St. Lawrence, with rain spreading across areas to the south once again.

For Friday, then, most snow that will fall will be in New Brunswick, but as the day warms, a switchover to rain can be expected for most of the province outside the north. The rest of the Maritimes remains largely as snow.


The system begins affecting Newfoundland by Saturday morning, again with snow and rain, though not as heavy in either case as the previous system.

Yet another significant system is expected by Sunday and Monday for the region, which looks to bring mostly rain. Snow is possible across northern and central New Brunswick, but there is still some uncertainty with the track of this fourth storm.

Finally, a couple of days of drier weather are expected for the middle of next week, but with unsettled conditions returning once again at the end of the week," adds meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.