Ariana Grande Is 'Distraught' by Ex Mac Miller's Death and 'Can't Believe' He's Gone: Source

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    I am 64 years old. I hear these stories all the time now about celebrities and artists fighting their battle with drugs. The young people appear to be quite lost. These young people get involved with drugs to fill a void. There is a serious problem in our society with what we value. In my opinion, people resort to drugs because they have no foundation to base there life on. The foundation should include fundamental truths that are being ignored. Health is number one. Every day you wake up we should be honoring our own health, the health of those close to us, and the health of our environment and culture. We are not doing that. These are basic truths. A healthy mind begins with a healthy body. That means exercise. Pressing your thumbs on a machine all day does not count. Relationships with all other people whether it be friends, family, or lovers should be engaged in a real way. Face to face, eye to eye, not through a machine and a screen. This is basic common sense. Most of our youth are living in a fantasy world created by technology. Don't let these machines take over your mind. Can you live without them and the illusions you create for even one day? Start questioning what the adults have given you. This whole lifestyle you have fallen in love with is not life affirming. It is bringing you down.
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    How will I ever sleep tonight knowing Ariana Grande is "distraught"?
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    How come all the posted pictures of Mac Miller show him looking absent. His facial expressions just seem to lack emotion. Very sad.
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    A Yahoo Reader
    She's going to call off the wedding to gain more attention...write a song about it...more profit.
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    is this news?
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    I'm sorry but I feel she is just trying to get attention. Mourn privately and move forward.
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    Isn't Arianna Grande a drink at Starbucks?
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    Well, getting engaged 4 months after the breakup probably didn't help.
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    I'm sure Pete D. is thrilled
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    I’m writing a song right now about that love