Amara La Negra Teases What's to Come in Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season 3

Amara La Negra Teases What's to Come in Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season 3

Love & Hip Hop Miami returned to VH1 on Monday night, and the new season promises to be as dramatic as ever. The third season of the popular reality show will feature Dominican American star Amara La Negra struggling with drama and big life decisions. “My career has been going up and down lately,” Amara said in a recent trailer. “The one thing that’s been going right is my new relationship.” She’s referring to her boyfriend, rising bachata singer Emjay, who is the brother of co-star Shay Johnson. Apparently Emjay has the blessing of la suegra, Amara’s mom Ana, who also appears in the trailer, telling her potential son-in-law to “go put on some clothes” when he walks around the house in nothing but a towel.

“My mom loves my boyfriend, which is one of the reasons why I decided that he would be a good fit to be part of our family,” Amara tells People CHICA. “They have their ups and downs because no family is perfect, but she understands that as a woman I must make my own decisions and no matter what she supports me. My mom is definitely not an artist or a people person, but she enjoys the process of watching me grow and succeed. She’s very camera-shy, and she feels like she gave me the artistic vein because she always wanted to be an artist growing up, but because of the conditions in her country there was never a possibility for her to tap into that. She has always had a passion for singing and dancing, but reality TV is more my thing.”

So does Amara feel that she’s found the one? “Yes!” she tells CHICA. “I believe that I have found love in this new relationship. He supports me, my mom loves him, and also as an up-and-coming artist himself he understands the struggles of dealing with another artist and their career. There’s traveling, late nights, and busy days, but we figure out how to make it work. It was a very tough decision for me to make my personal life public because I never have, but at the same time I like to be honest and true to myself, my fans, and the people who love and support me. I want to show them where I’m at in my life right now.”

In the trailer, Amara and Emjay also discuss the possibility of having children together. As they make a champagne toast in bed, he confesses to a somewhat shocked Amara, “Cheers to the fact that I would even want kids so I hope you’re going to be ready soon.” The “What a Bam Bam” singer, 29, replies, “I want to have your kids too pero not now. When I win my Grammy, OK?” Emjay then drops a bomb, criticizing Amara’s manager Jullian Boothe. “With the manager you got,” says Emjay, “you’re gonna be waiting the rest of your life to do all the things you want to do.”

(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images)

“My boyfriend definitely wants to have children and a family,” Amara tells CHICA. “I most definitely see myself in the future having children, but I have always been so focused on my career ever since I was a little girl that I can’t visualize myself doing anything else as of right now. I feel that I need to accomplish all my goals and dreams before bringing children into this world. I’m a huge believer in marriage and having a home before having children. I’m a little bit old-school when it comes to that, because my mom raised me with that mentality. I would love to have children and a family, but I have to be realistic and understand that the lifestyle I live is not an easy one and isn’t the average person’s lifestyle. I would like to put myself in the position to be the best mother I can be.”

The trailer also promises escalating tension between Amara’s boyfriend and Boothe, with the pair getting into a heated argument in one scene. Amara bursts into tears and confronts her manager, expressing her concerns to him. “I feel like my career is not going to go anywhere and people constantly keep talking s*** about you,” she says. “That pisses me off. I don’t like it, because my life depends on you.”

The singer shed some light on this conflict. “No matter what people may see on TV and no matter what anyone may feel, only my ex-manager Jullian and I know the things we have been through,” she says. “I am grateful for all the opportunities and all the things he did for me. I would never bash him. Unfortunately, it happened with many artists and on many occasions and we got to a point where we just weren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. I love and appreciate him, but things didn’t work out the way that I planned or hoped. I wish him nothing but the best.”

The new season promises to be binge-worthy. “There’s definitely going to be drama!” Amara confirms. “This season is hotter than ever. We have added new cast members in this season. I don’t necessarily get along with all of them, but I’m so focused on my own personal growth, my career, and my family that I’m not paying attention to anything that can take me off track of progressing. In this season, I want to show a different side of me. I want to show more of my personal life with my mother and my boyfriend, and I want to introduce the world to my father. I also want to give the audience an opportunity to gain insight on what’s really happening with my career.”

“2020 is the year of change and growth. I have learned a lot from my past, and I feel more mature as a woman and as an artist,” Amara continues, rattling off a mind-boggling list of upcoming plans. “I am releasing the second edition of my children’s book Amarita’s Way. We’ll be talking more about bullying and how bullying has effected our younger generation. The little ones look up to us and that is really important to me. I’m releasing a lipstick line called Mi Amor. I have a perfume called Twerk launching in 2020. I’m working on having my own wine and my own coffee brand. This year I want to expand and grow as an entrepreneur. I will also be releasing new music and music videos.” She also stars in the Netflix movie Fall Girls and will be hosting Mira Quién Baila on Univision. “There have been a lot of great opportunities so far,” she concludes. “I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

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