1,000 Andy Warhol Sketches To Be Sold - But Only One Is Real

1,000 Andy Warhol sketches are going up for sale - but 999 are fake, and only one is real The sale is the latest artistic concept by Brooklyn-based collective MSCHF, known for its provocative and viral creations. As part of the collective’s Museum of Forgeries project, 999 copies of the 1954 drawing, titled Fairies, were redrawn by a robotic arm. Each copy then underwent a degradation process before being authenticated as "Possibly Real Copy Of ‘Fairies’ by Andy Warhol" by MSCHF. The pieces were then shuffled together and sold for $250 each. Any record of which piece within the set is the original has been destroyed. The original Warhol consists of three nude fairies playing with a jump rope and was sold by Christie's in April of 2016 for $8,125. The sketch is now worth approximately $20,000, according to Daniel Greenberg, chief revenue officer of MSCHF. MSCHF hopes its "Museum of Forgeries" will make a splash by pointing out the pretentiousness of art collectors and the arbitrary value of great works of art.